Cassio Audi – Excellent Skills in leadership and Finance

Mr Cassio Audi is a well-versed businessman with many years of experience working for a wide variety of big and successful companies such as GVMI where he worked as a Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Other companies Mr Cassio Audi has worked with earlier in his long career include Brookfield Brasil Real State Partners Inc. and Rossi Residential. He used to hold the position as CFO at both businesses, as well as the post of Investor Relations Officer at Rossi Residential, and later promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rossi Commercial Properties. Even earlier in Mr Cassio Audi’s career, he also used to hold the positions as a Financial Director at Gillett, a Senior Financial Analyst at Dow Chemicals and as a Trader at JP Morgan Chase.

Throughout his professional career dating back to 1992 working for a good number of different companies and holding many distinct positions, Mr Cassio Audi has amassed an enormous amount of competence and experience in the fields of business, finance and management. Having had worked at so many leadership positions, Mr Cassio Audi has developed excellent leadership skills such as negotiation and business planning that has helped him create streamlined businesses that improve company efficiency and company revenue growth. Other skills included in Mr Cassio Audi’s list of qualifications are Resource Management, Investor Relations, Accounting and Financial Management, Business Modelling and Business Analysis. Mr Cassio Audi is also well-versed when it comes to handling fundraisers, Initial public offerings as well as company Mergers and acquisitions.

With his over two decades of work experience working together with a large number of various enterprises and having collected a diverse set of skills needed in today’s business market Cassio Audi has through his continual hard work made himself into a highly qualified and well-versed businessman.