Cancer Treatment Centers of America Participate in Campaign to Educate Men in the Importance of Screening for Prostate Cancer

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been doing a lot of work to detect cancer in the very early stages. There are types of cancers, such as prostate and ovarian cancer, that do not cause symptoms until it is in the more advanced stages. At that point, the cancer is much harder to treat and may be lethal.

They were founded in 1988, and since then, they have been committed to finding advances in science to help detect cancer. Their oncologists have thorough training and expertise in numerous types of cancers. They have provided hope to many patients and families, thanks to genetic testing. The results from genetic testing can determine which treatment the patient is most likely to respond to, as you can see in this story.

Recently, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have teamed up with The National Football League Alumni Association and Lab Corp, to educate men about the importance of screening for prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in men ages 40 and over. The campaign they formed to address this issue is called “Prostate Pep Talk”. As a part of this campaign, there will be public service announcements featuring the well-known former NFL head coaches: Herm Edwards, Dick Vermeil, and Bill Cowher. They will be raising awareness for this disease and encouraging eligible men to get screened. A national kick-off conference was held on August 30th in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Some of the speakers were former NFL players, who have personal stories and experiences with the disease. From September 1st to October 15th, Prostate Pep Talk will be giving eligible men free or discounted access to the PSA screening. Testing will be performed by LabCorp at any of their patient service center locations across the country.