What Robert Deignan Believes About the Internet of Things

The internet is a massive gateway to just about anything, but furthermore, it’s the Internet of Things that has led many in the tech industry to evaluate customer service. Robert Deignan is yet another entrepreneur that sees it this way. Technology is ever evolving, and it is doing so rapidly. The impact technology can have on your personal life and your business is astounding, and it’s the Internet of Things that makes conducting both with ease possible.

As the CEO of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan is taking the position that there is a human element within technology. He believes that is one aspect of technology that we cannot afford to overlook. What sets him apart from other entrepreneurs? This time around, it’s the simple fact that he is taking the time to define what the Internet of Things really is, and how it works.

If you could imagine all devices connected to the internet, that is the true definition of the Internet of Things. As easy as it would be to tie this definition to computers only, it doesn’t work that way. Smartphones, iPads, laptops and anything else that is connected to the internet is a part of the Internet of Things. Any device that has an on/off switch is subject to this. Robert Deignan is committed to not only the quality of a device, but he wants to know that customer service is a high priority in any company he backs.

Devices are what keeps the world connected these days, and thankfully Robert Deignan is smart enough to focus on the service aspect of all this entails. If you aren’t tech savvy it can be a real pain, but it is now how cities run and function. It’s all device oriented, and it’s all operating at a fraction of the cost that it once used to involve with traditional means of communication.

This is the digital and technology age so the market is ripe. Robert Deignan is focused on solving problems, and it’s all for the cause of making and keeping customers happy.


Transparency In Plastic Surgery With Dr. Rod Rohrich

There are about 24 specialties that are being approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties and Plastic Surgery is one among them. And in order to be recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), you need to not only go to a medical school but also perform a 6-year residency program. This is the reason why Dr. Rod Rohrich warns all of his existing and new patients to be aware of physicians who tend to be experts in the area without a proper level of training. After all, it is a matter of your human body and you need to be extra precautionary before choosing the right physician.

He suggests that there have been many deplorable cases in the past which have even resulted in death in few cases when patients were operated by so-called surgeons who did not have the right expertise to undertake the task. One thing he clearly suggests all of his patients check if the surgeon is listed as certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties. He is of the view that few procedures could be performed by doctors who are board certified in other areas like dermatology, but he also mentions that for most of the cases, there is just no alternative to a physician who is ABPS certified. This level of transparency with his patients has gotten him to the list of renowned doctors in the United States.

When you perform a facelift, your hidden goal is to give your face the look you could wish for. And Dr. Rohrich believes that fact components in the face tend to decline with age and he uses this concept to extract fat from other areas and fill it very precisely in areas which need it the most. While he does that, he also sutures deep layers just to make sure that the neck and the cheeks are reshaped appropriately. Even if you have other intended surgeries like Breast augmentation or Revision Rhinoplasty or Botox, just schedule a call with Dr. Rod Rohrich and put all of your simplest and complex queries to rest.

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Erick Lefkoftsky Champions Cancer Research

Cancer can ravish both the body and mind. It can also affect the lives of everyone within the affected person’s circle. Fortunately, huge strides are being made in the fight against cancer. Eric Leftkofsky is brilliant man who also happens to be a billionaire entrepreneur assisting in the fight against cancer.

However, his fight against cancer has nothing to do with money. For him, it is all about helping fight disease that claims the lives of millions of people. His success does allow him to navigate a world that many may not understand. His experience, connections, and education allow him to get things done.

Eric Leftkofsky helped co-found Tempus. This is a moment in society where precision medicine is possible. Tempus is helping to create the technology that will build the world’s greatest library of personal medical data. The data will be both clinical and molecular, and it will be immediately accessible so doctors can help their cancer patients in real-time.

The Tempus mission is to redefine how doctors can use genomic data in clinical settings. Patients will benefit when doctors have access to an infinite amount of data concerning them and their fight with cancer. Patients can also clearly benefit by those who have come before them. Physicians have the tools to learn as the system gathers more data.

Tempus will allow a cancer patient’s data to store in a single location. This enables doctors to make real-time decisions that will rely heavily on that data. There are millions of patients diagnosed and treated for cancer. Tempus will enable doctors to have access to how patients have responded to treatments, and to offer more effective solutions for their own patients.

He is also a philanthropist, and founded the Lefkoftsky Family Foundation with his wife to advance initiatives that will help enhance the lives of people in their own communities. His other affiliations include World Business Chicago, and the Museum of Science and Industry to name several.

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Dr. Jonathan Rand: Helping Aging Patients Using Biomedical Hormone Therapy

Dr. Jonathan Rand is president of West Orange, New Jersey based Healthy Aging Medical Center. An integrated medicine specialist, his practice focuses on biomedical hormone replacement. Patients rave about Dr. Rand’s ability to provide them with the excellent comprehensive care they need to help them enjoy a wonderful quality of life. Since earning his MD at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Jonathan Rand has attained the necessary advanced training and experience in anti-aging medicine to earn certification in that specialty from the Antiaging Medical Board.

Since becoming Healthy Aging Medical Centers’ president in 2010, Dr. Jonathan Rand has been using a regenerative, integrative approach to addressing the aging related medical issues of his patients. Using individualized therapies Dr. Rand has been able to provide treatments that restore his patients’ health and vitality and prevent disease. Three of the essential elements of Dr. Jonathan Rand’s anti-aging treatments are a focus on nutrition, exercise and hormone levels. His new research has revealed ways in which aging is impacted by bioidentical hormone imbalances.

According to Dr. Rand, both good and bad hormones are present in everyone’s bloodstream. As people age, there is an increase in the bloodstream in the amount insulin, cortisol and other bad hormones and decrease in human growth hormone, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, thyroid and other good hormones. Dr. Rand’s therapies restore the balance of the bioidentical hormones in his patients. As a result their stamina, strength and energy increases, their susceptibility to heart disease and level of cholesterol decrease and they enjoy other health benefits like less incidences of depression and cancer.

Using an infusion of good hormones from the patients to return their good hormone level to the upper quartile, Dr. Dov Rand is able to treat patients with poor memory, muscle atrophy, mental fogginess, low libido, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia, night sweats, menopause and andropause symptoms, depression, anxiety, mood swings and many other aging-related conditions. By giving the patient biomedical hormones instead of dangerous synthetic hormones, Dr. Jonathan Rand is able to improve the health of his aging patients significantly.




Training Empathy with Dr. Jorge Moll: The Power of Conscious Feeling

Can empathy be strengthened similar to building muscle after workouts? Dr. Jorge Moll, a neuroscientist from Brazil who serves as the president of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education seems to think so.

Dr. Jorge Moll graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and finished his residency in neurology from the same university. He then went on to obtain his PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology. Dr. Moll has received numerous distinctions such as obtaining the research fellow NIH award, serving as affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and governors board member of the International Neuroethics Society, and receiving the visiting scholar award at the Stanford Neuroscience Institute. Since then, he has published numerous articles on the association of moral cognition and the brain with his team at D’Or Institute for Research and Education.

Instead of setting out to isolate certain brain regions associated with empathy, Moll and his team worked on mapping multiple regions associated with such a complex emotion

(https://gazetteday.com/2018/04/jorge-moll-discovers/). They used functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI to see what parts of the brain are active during periods of empathy.

In order to introduce strengthening, an image of a ring was shown to the patient which changed structure based on the patient’s current state of mind for one group and in the control group, the ring was independent of what the patient was thinking. It was shown that in the group where the ring mimics the state of mind of the patients, these individuals were able to strengthen empathy by altering the ring to reflect the empathy ring structure. This conscious demonstration of empathy allowed for enhancement of this emotion shown on the fMRI. Dr. Moll believes that the promising results of his study could be used to help individuals who lack empathy in the case of autism or depression by further developing this emotion.


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Meet the Man Who Changed the Game of UTC: Louis Chenevert

Everyone loves a hero. Once you get to the top, everyone suddenly becomes interested in everything you do in your life. Nobody cares about someone with a magnificent plan as long as it is not evaluated. The great question is how do you get to the top? Well, no definite way has been established yet. However, with a little digging on the prominent investors, we could get something. One of these people is Louis Chenevert.

Louis Chenevert is the former Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Well, the success he had in the firm may lead to the assumption that he has always held the senior positions in his career. This is far from the truth. After acquiring his Production Management in HEC Montreal, he was fortunate to secure a job with the General Motors. At first, he was a normal employee, but with time he climbed his ladder and became the overseer of the entire production unit of the firm. He worked in General Motors for more than a decade.

In 1993, he began working for the Pratt & Whitney. This was a different field; the firm specialized in the manufacture of engines. While in the firm, as his norm is, he gave the best and was dedicated to improving the firm. His efforts bore fruits, and they did not go unnoticed. He was given the President position of the firm. These developments happened in less than a decade in the firm. He later climbed the ladder hire and was appointed as the CEO of UTC in 2006.

In the UTC Company, he changed the way the firm operated and took it to a whole new level. This was through the purchase of the GTF engine at $10 billion, the Goodrich at $16billion among other meaningful acquisitions.

Louis Chenevert says that he was able to make a difference in the firm through his relentless focus. He explains that when he decides to do something, he chooses the right team to do it and gives it all his energy. He emphasizes on the need to have a team that is aligned to the goals of the company because it is impossible to make progress with a team that is not cooperative.


All About Tony Petrello

He is a man whose story is fascinating and surprising when it comes to the world of CEO s and corporate executives. He grew up as a humble young man from an environment of working-class in Newark, New Jersey and he is now running among the largest drilling company that is land based. He has also funded millions of his money in researches that are related to the global neurological disease. Tony Petrello has an astounding life that has turns of fate and full of success.

It is known that the man has great success in his career life and in the year 2015, he was the highest compensated as a CEO in America. It was a tenure as a global oil company Chief Executive Officer. He has done many other things that have brought his success and the successes can be said as a product of the gifts, creative thinking and consistent hardworking that has spanned his career diversion in over many decades.

The other thing that has helped is by giving back to the society. He has been working very hard so that to help children that suffer neurological disorders. He has lived a life that can be admired and emulated.

It was in 1979 when Tony Petrello joined a major law firm in America called Baker and Mckenzie. He went to specialize in business law, that was arbitration and taxation. From the firm, he discovered business passion and realized that finance and law intersect in a thrilling and fascinating way. In 1986, he was managing partner for New York division. When he was working in Baker & Mckenzie he used to work for a client called Nabors Industries.

In the 1990s, Tony Petrello and his wife had a daughter that they had named Carena. At their daughters birth, she was weighing 20 ounces, but she was suffering from cerebral palsy. There was an addition of other complications such that she was not capable of eating food that was solid until growing up to 7 years.

The disorder called cerebral palsy contains a range of other disorders that lead to a person have an inability to move naturally. The symptoms vary widely and they are very severe such that you can’t walk normally. The muscles become very weak such that they can’t perform.

When Tony Petrello saw how the childhood life of her daughter was difficult, he decided that he will help other children that suffer from the neurological condition. As a principled man, what he decides he does not take halfway but take action. He, therefore, donated $7 million that was given to Texas Children’s Hospital and took the board of trustee seat. The hospital utilized the money by constructing a huge complex that was dedicated to the pediatric neurological care.

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Fagali’I Airport Keeps Giving Positive Experiences

People who come to the small Fagali’I Airport see the airport is among the best in the country. They know it’s a small airport, but many wouldn’t guess that it’s the best there is. In fact, it has the highest rating of most airports in the industry and that helps people see they’re getting a positive experience. As long as Fagali’I Airport offers flights in and out of the region it’s in, people can keep seeing the things the airport has to offer. There are many ways the airport is different from others and travelers who have been at Fagali’I Airport know it’s the best there is. People also see there are things that they can do at the airport that they can’t do anywhere else in the world. The airport makes the most out of everything there is to offer. They spend their time trying to improve the traveler experience for everyone who comes to the airport.

As long as people come to Fagali’I Airport, it continues improving. Everyone knows there are things people can do and things that will make it easier on them and they get that at the Fagali’I Airport. For years, the airport tried figuring out the best way to treat everyone who came there. They felt it was important to do this so travelers had a chance to enjoy themselves. They also knew there were things that would happen to them if they could do things the right way.

Between the opportunities that people had and the things that made it easier for them, Fagali’I Airport felt it was important to give everyone the chance they need for success. People try doing things the right way so they have the chance to make more out of the experiences they have. The Fagali’I Airport does everything possible and does their best job at making sure people understand the things that are going on. For Fagali’I Airport, the people who come there are the most important part. If the travelers are happy, the airport can stay open because of the traffic they get from referrals into the airport.

Ara Chackerian diversity in Entrepreneurship and his support for forestry management

Ara Chackerian is the managing partner of the ASC Capital holdings which is a company that focuses on helping the early stage healthcare companies. He is also the founder of the TMS Health solutions that provides therapy and assistance to the people suffering from treatment-resistant depression. He is also an investor in the forestry management in Limonapa SA that focuses much on the issues of the reforestation.

In one of his latest articles, he speaks about the the management of the forests and the wildlife as a very scarce resource in the world. He says that the human beings have a great responsibility to utilize the resources responsibly and sustainably ensuring that they satisfy the present generation as well as provide for the needs of the next generations.



Sustainability in forests utilization can be attained through various ways one of them being reforestation and finding other sources of energy to avoid depletion of the forests. Such sources of energy may include coal, biogas among others.

Ara Chackerian also gives various justifications on why forests should be managed well as a resource. One of the reasons is because they act as the habitats for the wildlife as well as a source of income for many countries through tourism since they act as the most important attraction sites for both local and foreign tourists.

As an entrepreneur who is interested in health care services, Ara Chackerian views forests as the most important source of medicines since the herbal medicines originate from plants that grow in these forests. TRhis is one of the reasons that humns should put great emphasis on ht e conservation and preservation of forests.

Forests are also used as recreation sites where people go for hikes, hold meetings, weddings among others. Also, forests play a vital role in the attraction of rains, the source of clean water, the source of raw materials for the paper and wood industries among other benefits.

In one of his latest interviews, he advises entrepreneurs on how to have the ability to turn life experiences into creative ideas by thimking big in life and being positive. This is what has made him become who he is today. For more details you can checkout norluyce.com


Visit: https://about.me/ara-chackerian



How the Frontera Fund was Started

America is the home of millions of people. This nation hosts citizen from many parts of the world. This has been attributed to several factors. First of all, the country has the largest economy in the entire world, and it has some of the best opportunities for people.

Most of the people who relocate and settle in America do so because they are looking for better living conditions and great lives for their families.

As the country with the largest economy, this nation enjoys several features that are not available in other parts of the globe. The medical facilities are better equipped; there are better employment opportunities and the educational centers offer high quality education.

People who come to this country are willing to sacrifice some of their time so that they can earn some good life before returning to their home country. Most immigrants cannot get some of these facilities in their home countries.

When some of the immigrants settle in the United States, they are sometimes subjected to harsh living conditions by the people living in the country. When people are not treated in the right way, they live very miserable lives.

Many human rights groups have been established in the United States and many other parts of the world, and they all want the best for the immigrants and other groups who are less fortunate in the society.

Most of the human right groups fight for the rights of women and immigrant people who found themselves in the nation. These groups get their support from well-wishers and other prominent organizations in the world. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and http://james-larkin.com/press/

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is among these organizations. This institution was started several years ago so that it could raise a voice and defend other activist groups in the whole nation. The Frontera Fund has only been operational for a short time, and it has been getting a lot of support from all corners of the world.

The institution was brought into the market by Larkin and his long-time colleague, Michael Lacey. These two have been in the American limelight for a very long time, and they have brought a lot of changes in the journalism world. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Twitter

The journalists have been working with prominent media houses in the country, and their roles in exposing prominent personalities brought them a lot of trouble.

Ten years ago, Lacey and Larkin were forced to leave their homes and spend several hours in jail because of the news they had published about Joe Arpaio.

The Maricopa County sheriff did not like how the two journalists were exposing him, and he chose to punish them in the best way he knew. Joe Arpaio sent his officer to go and arrest the journalists without any reasons. Although the two were forced to spend time in prison, they decided that this was not going to happen to other people in the society.

The journalists used the money they got as compensation to start the Frontera Fund, and they have been very successful in all their plans.