How Andrew Rolfe Has Made a Positive Impact on a Worldwide Level

During the Ubuntu Fund Dinner of the 10th Annual Gala, it was hoped that they could raise $972,960 to assist the Ubuntu’s Fund school campus in South Africa. One of the key projects that the money is aimed at developing is the pediatric clinic which is part of the campus. The school will also enroll more children who are disadvantaged in the local region. As the basis of the program is to help as many underprivileged young people as possible, they were focused on achieving their goal and purpose as a fund. Andrew Rolfe took the opportunity of serving the 300 gala attendees with tasty dishes and impressive music performances by the Xhosa choir. Among the invited special guests were two students who were assisted by the Ubuntu Fund.

Mr. Andrew Rolfe has worked in a couple of companies such as Beverages & More, J. Jill, and True Religion Apparel. His great expansion and leadership skills made him an outstanding asset to the Ubuntu Fund. He is always searching for means to expand and improve opportunities available for the less privileged families and children.

Andrew Rolfe was announced as President of the International Division of Gap incorporation on the 3rd of November, 2003. His duties were stated as overseeing the Gap stores in the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and Germany from the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. He was also in charge of controlling the strategies aimed at growing the international company. He was also declared as a member of the leadership team of the company’s Executive, and expected to report to Paul Pressler, the President and CEO of Gap Incorporation.

Mr. Pressler made a few remarks regarding Andrew Rolfe, saying that he had displayed great skills of leadership by globally growing retail brands as well as satisfying customer needs on an international level. Therefore, Mr. Rolfe was expected to proceed with the good works of satisfying the preferences of customers in the international markets. He was also to identify the best alternative ways to satisfy customers shopping at Old Navy, Gap and the Banana Republic on a worldwide level.


AGORA can help protect your wealth

Senior citizens who recently retired often deal with the stresses of not knowing how they will finish the rest of their life. Finances are unpredictable, and it is nearly impossible to figure out what kind of expenses one will be dealing with several years down the road.

Recently retired seniors are going to want to make sure that the investments they made throughout their lives are going to provide them a comfortable living for the rest of the time they are on this planet. Some (less reliable) brokers only look to cash in more commission checks.

Planning out finances can cause a big headache. There are several wealthy individuals and government agencies that are going to live off of retired citizens life savings.

AGORA financial is one of those companies that can help you protect your earnings. They offer a variety of educational books, publications, and seminars to help people learn how to better protect their savings. There are already over a million active readers that take advantage of what AGORA has to offer. Managing money is an important skill. AGORA is a great source of information for the people that struggle with managing their finances.

There are twenty-seven different publications posted online for readers to navigate their way through various parts of the market. All of the research acquired by AGORA is independent and unbiased. They do not take any bribes from other companies. The writers and analysts that work for AGORA are not your typical employees trapped in a cubicle all day. They are always traveling around the United States gathering information from a direct source.

AGORA has been leading the financial advice industry for more than two decades. With the help of resources and partnerships, they can help their customers make the best investment choices. AGORA is dedicated to helping its clients solve any of their financial problems that pop up on any given day. They do an excellent job of summarizing peoples current financial situations.

Foresite Capital the Titan in Healthcare Financing

Mindstrong Health specializes in developing software and devices to assist doctors in treating illnesses such as mental disorders. Currently, the company is developing an Al-powered platform to help in the treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases as it measures the patterns of the brain function using a smartphone. The Al-powered platform requires a large capital investment to make it successful. Currently, the company has received $ 14 million in Series-A funding from hedge funds and venture capital firms such as Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, and Optum Ventures.

Mindstrong’s platform uses the patients’ speed of typing and scrolling on their smartphone to determine the level of their brain function. In addition, the platform can determine the patients’ processing speed and memory as it is designed to interpret the patient’s mood as well as cognition. This technology will assist doctors to measure behavior patterns of patients objectively; unlike before when physicians had to evaluate the condition of persons having cognition disorders continuously. This technology has attracted health investors such as Jim Tananbaum, CEO of Foresite Capital.

Foresite Capital is a venture capitalist firm with $1.1 billion in assets. Currently, the firm is investing in healthcare start-up companies such as the Mindstrong. According to Jim, the healthcare sector is growing continuously. As a result, the firm is collaborating with visionary entrepreneurs who seek to improve the healthcare through innovation. Visit Medium for more info.

Jim Tananbaum Career Profiling

Jim Tananbaum is an expert in the healthcare investment. After graduating in medicine from Harvard Medical School, he founded GelTex pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENX). During his tenure as CEO, the firm was able to introduce two drugs in the market. Currently, the two drugs generate more than $I billion as revenues. However, the company was acquired for $1.6 billion. Jim later founded Theravance Biopharma (NASDAQ: TBPH). Currently, the company has a market capitalization of $2.75 billion. Surprising, Jim has established other businesses such as Prospect Venture Partners II and III.

Jim is a graduate in B.S and B.S.E.E from Yale, medicine from Harvard Medical School, and in M.S from MIT. In addition, he did postgraduate studies in M.B.A from Harvard Business School thus qualifying him to manage venture capital organizations in the healthcare industry successfully.

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Tony Petrello believes in expertise through experience

While it’s an obvious fact that most of the nation CEOs are extremely intelligent and qualified people, a few stand out above the rest, even in that rarefied air that fills up the executive suites of the nation’s largest companies. One of those CEOs Tony Petrello. With an MS in mathematics from Yale, Petrello is perhaps the most heavily qualified CEO in the country today. But he is always humble about his own credentials and accomplishments. Rather than hanging his hat on things he’s already done, the head of Nabors Industries always prefers to look to the future and the challenges that lie ahead.

But that’s not to say that the many accomplishments of Petrello, while heading up the firm, have been things that should go unrecognized. For example, when Petrello took over at the helm of Nabors Industries, the company had just exited chapter 11 bankruptcy and was reeling from years of poor management and neglect. The company, which at one time had one of the strongest names in the oil business, due to its participation in the opening of the North Slope of Alaska’s oil fields, by the year 1991, was in need of a serious change in leadership.

Petrello rose to the challenge, refocusing the company’s mission and rallying his troops around the new cause of technological development and solving some of the most pressing issues in the North American oil market. By the mid-2000’s, Tony Petrello grown the company into the single largest operator of on-land drilling operations.

Today, Nabors Industries operates over 500 rigs in 25 different countries. It has gained experience in almost every type of environment on Earth, including some of the most harsh arctic climes as well as the deepest well sites in the world’s oceans. Now, Nabors Industries is the company oil professionals turn to when they don’t know how to get the job done in the follownig: click here.

White Sharks Media: A Gateway to Digital Marketing

For any business to flourish, for any brand to be recognized, marketing is necessary. Online marketing is one such tool to promote the positive image and works of any person, business, brand or a company. No company can run successfully without marketing, and that is the reason, White Shark Media, a digital marketing agency came into existence. White Shark Media is a fast growing media agency in North America. It provides cost effective Search Marketing campaigns. It helps companies and businesses to utilize its marketing strategies, tactics, and tools to flourish their businesses.

White Shark Media was established by three entrepreneurs in 2011 who had a vast knowledge and experience in internet marketing. Their prime strategy to attract customers is that they help the customers market their products and services with the help of White Shark Media experience so that they do not have to start from the scratch. In this way, their experience provides benefits to their clients.

Most of the businesses are unaware of the useful marketing tools. They find it difficult to attract visitors to their websites. White Shark Media help them to overcome this difficulty by modifying their marketing strategies. It offers a number of solutions to them, one being the Pay per Click (PPC) advertising. It is an inexpensive solution that improves web traffic. This requires bidding on keywords. Among highly competitive industries, the cost of keywords become high. Thus, it becomes important to assign a specific marketing budget that can help in generating Return on Investment (ROI).

The White Shark Media tells its clients that getting a higher number of leads though beneficial yet, not applicable until they have targeted leads too. This increases the visitor’s engagement. It is essential for every business to get higher rankings in search engines. This strategy is known as Search Engine Optimization. This requires the use of geo targeted keywords which can move up the site in case of search result rankings. Thus, specific and targeted keywords are really important.

After the visitors are attracted to the website, they all are engaged. This results in converting random visitors to their customers. The content which can attract customers should be uploaded on the website. It can be in several forms either in the form of tutorials or how-to-articles and reviews. The White Shark Media has proven to be the most satisfactory marketing solution for its customers.


Honey Birdette Eyeing Expansion into UK and US Markets

Honey Birdette was the first sensuality boutique in Australia, and after winning over the country is now looking to launch headfirst into the US and UK market. Honey Birdette has its eyes on world domination with plans to expand from three stores in the UK to 40 by the close of 2108. They also just launched an e-commerce site just for the US and if it performs well it is reasonable to think that retail expansion may be the next option.

They already know they have a customer base in the US, as the brand a 37% increase in online sales to the USA in just the past year. Given the company has only been open since 2006; this is a pretty massive accomplishment. In response, founder Eloise Monaghan decided to launch a US excusive platform that will make it easier for customers to order and receive their merchandise. US customers using the site will now have faster delivery times, free delivery at a certain purchase price, and a larger range of products to choose from.

As mentioned, Honey Birdette is also fixated on the British retail market and has ten new store openings planned for this year alone. They first opened a flagship shop at Covent Garden in London followed by one in Leeds and Westfield, but now they are getting ready to launch in Stratford, Liverpool, Liverpool, and Newcastle as long as more shops in Westfield and Leeds.

Monaghan is the founder of Honey Birdette and started the company after discussing with a friend that luxury lingerie was something missing from the Australian market. The idea continued to grow in Monaghan’s head eventually leading to the creation of this luxury lingerie and high end sex toy based company.

However, the sensual experience is not just for the bedroom, as Honey Birdette stores serve it up on a silver palate to guests adding to the thrill. Shoppers are treated to champagne and lushly decorate boutiques surrounded by naughty lingerie and toys they can eye privately with a partner or friend.

Avaaz Connects Activists to Create Change

When Avaaz launched in 2007, online activism was not the behemoth it is today. Before online petition tools, scripts for political advocacy calls, and social media access to politicians were commonplace, Avaaz, whose name means “voice” in Persian and several other languages spoken worldwide, launched with the goal of uniting idealists to create a better world.

Now, the organization is considered one of the most influential online activist tools. The Avaaz website, available in 15 languages, hosts petitions, member stories, and information on public issues from local to global scale. Members can also sign up for emails related to the organization’s issues of focus to receive calls to in-person action, prompts to write to and call government decision makers, and reliable, fact-based briefings on important issues.

Unlike some similar organizations, Avaaz is unique in two ways: rather than focusing on one set of issues, it provides a platform for its members to create change across many spheres, and it is entirely funded by donations from individuals, not corporate or government backers. Avaaz has a budget of over $12 million per year, which it has used to fund projects like large scale lobbying campaigns and providing internet access and communications equipment to activists in the Middle East. And because Avaaz is funded by donations only, its members have a say in where their money is going.

Connecting people across continents, language barriers, and gaps in access to information, Avaaz helps mobilize its members and amplify their voices to create positive change.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Technology Betters Modern Schools

From time and time again people are always looking to make things better. While everything else is being pushed forward, some school systems are still stuck with chalk boards and no computers. One of the companies that have decided to upgrade the educational system is ClassDojo. They’ve developed a communications app that changes the way learning works and pulls in parents, teachers, and even the students.

Keeping in touch with your school has never been more fun and easy. Everyone involved in your school can message each other, faculty can instantly message each other to plan school events and lectures, students can talk to students, and etc. Not only can the school save time and money, but anyone can be contacted as soon as possible in case of a dispute or altercation. Students don’t have to use their photos but are assigned avatars which can be customized inside the app. The avatars can be inspected by itself or teachers can collect students into classified groups.

ClassDojo is not only a communication app, but a lecture and reward system as well. It has the ability to sync up with smart boards to bring in student interaction. Everything displayed on the smart board is relayed onto the students app where they can easily follow along and take notes. The smart board can be tied with their Dojo points which can be redeemed for whatever the teacher has as a prize. These points are usually awarded in group activities, participation, and outstanding academic performance.

JHSF – One of the Biggest Real Estate Development Firms in Brazil Headed by Jose Auriemo Neto

The real estate landscape of Brazil is fast-developing due to the increasing demand the booming economy of the country. Many major real estate companies are operating in the country, but one of the most famous names in the real estate landscape of Brazil is JHSF. The company has developed hundreds of residential and commercial properties over the years and continues to amaze with its unique and elegant real estate construction. JHSF is a business that people in Brazil trust with eyes closed when it comes to real estate property development, whether it is airport, incorporation, shopping mall, commercial property, and a residential complex.

JHSF understands the requirements of the new buyers and ropes in international designers to ensure that the quality, as well as the design of the projects it completes, is at par with the best in the world. JHSF is also active in the retail business and does develop not only shopping malls but also manages the shopping mall. The Chairman and the CEO of JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto, who is the third generation in the family to lead the company, has made tremendous contributions to the development of the firm. Under his leadership, the turnover and profits of the company have multiplied manifolds, which has helped the company’s business tremendously.

One of the reasons why JHSF has witnessed massive growth in recent years is because Jose Auriemo Neto has helped with taking the company’s operations overseas. JHSF now not only focuses on development in Brazil, but is developing many new projects in Salvador, Manaus, Punta Del Este, Miami, New York, and more. JHSF aims to become one of the prominent global real estate development firms and is at present developing a high-rise residential apartment in the highly posh area of New York on the Fifth Avenue and what JHSF knows.

Jose Auriemo Neto has planned that once the construction is completed; the residential apartment would be given on rent rather than selling out the property outright. He believes that it would ensure that the company’s revenue stream would never be dry, and assure constant flow of income. It is one of the biggest investments JHSF has done under the watch of Jose Auriemo Neto and more information click here.


Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Limited. He is one of the most sought after Chief Executive Officers in the world. This is because he has worked at Nabors Industries Limited for many years and has lead the company to be one of the most profitable companies in the world. Nabors Industries Limited is a company that has specialty in the area of oil and gas. The Company carries out drilling services over the land, offshore and in areas of specialty. The company has worked in many countries globally. Nabors Industries Limited has been profitable over the year due to its technological capabilities and its well qualified human resource. It is a lead industry player in the area of oil and gas.

Anthony Petrello has a J.D from Harvard Law School. He also has a B.S and M.S in Mathematics from Yale University. Anthony Petrello has served Nabors Industries Limited in several other capacities other than Chief Executive Officer. He has been the President of the company as well as the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Board. He also has served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Company.

Anthony is one of the top earning Chief Executive Officers in the United States of America. In the year 2016, earned an annual income of $ 15,202,689. His huge success over the years is attributable to his managerial and leadership skills. He has inspired many people over the years.

Other than his professional success, Anthony Petrello is a loved community man. He is fondly referred to as Tony by his family and friends. Anthony and his wife Cynthia are also philanthropists. They have very close ties with Texas Children’s Hospital. They have dedicated their time and resources into the funding of research of neurological illness in children.

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