Athlete Meal Services – 3 Positive Choices


  1. Ice Age Meals – The Name Alone Makes It Worth a Try, Right?

The dishes that most people love with Ice Age Meals include the Pastel de Papa, which includes pie with beef, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and raisins. It’s a Paleo shepherd’s true delight. Top this off with sweet, mashed potatoes, and you’ve got a meal in seconds.


To truly win on all levels, the flavor-filled braces and sauces are one-of-a-kind. They bring out the best in this one. The meal’s meat elements will certainly do their work after any tough workout as well. They offer hardy nutrition when one needs it most. Ice Age Meals will also include a hefty protein-to-carb ratio in approximately 10 g of fat.


There are exceptions, such as the paleo or rice options, which are notably higher in the carb count. These all come with 18 unique meal styles to choose from, One may choose paleo with rice or plain paleo. Every microwavable dish will offer the consumer approximately 500 calories, otherwise known as “four blocks” in the popular Zone Diet.


The Culinary Ninja sector of Ice Age Meals’s main website posts recipes and even cooking videos to help anyone step up their skills in the kitchen. Ice Age Meals offer bulk purchase meals as well. One may purchase 14 meals for $165, 24 meals for $275 or 64 meals for $530.


  1. Trifecta Nutrition, People!

These meals arrive every week and begin as low as $100 weekly. You may even spend less if you choose from many bulk item options. This service’s meals will come fully vacuum-sealed and cooked with you in mind. Many customers love having several weeks of meals pre-proportioned and prepared within minutes after their very delivery.


Trifecta Nutrition’s à la carte option has helped many as well. Several athletes love the salmon, sweet potatoes, spare crests, and flat iron steak. That salmon’s perfectly light and flaky as well, so anyone can dig in and enjoy.


The steak is savory and juicy, not to mention sweetly tendered. Each meal is easily adjustable to any athlete’s meal plan, even those going for RP Strength. Nutritional control freaks should not have a hard time adapting to this one; it’s often regarded as a “one size fits all”.


  1. Nutrisystem, Anyone?

Nutrisystem for men’s meal plan ( also allows for certain dietary preferences or restrictions, respectively. It offers meals plans for vegans and even those with diabetes. It does not allow for those who have certain food allergies, like peanuts.


It’s also not gluten-free. Those with this meal plan pay approximately $200-$300 every month, depending on the suggested foods list that they choose from. The Nutrisystem Plan also allows you some flexibility and allows many substitution or exceptions that one may make.


It will also show you how to make them, step-by-step. This plan is usually not for those with a restricted budget. Always consult your doctor before beginning any new fitness, health or dietary regimen.