About MB2 Chief Financial Officer

Jackson Hildebrand to Join MB2 Dental Solutions as the new Chief Financial Officer. Jackson Hildebrand is set to join MB Dental Solutions as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The decision was met by the management board of MB Dental solutions stating that Jackson Hildebrand is the best-qualified candidate and potential for the job.

As the CFO, Jackson is expected to manage all the end-to-end operations, accounting, and financial operations. He is also scheduled to report financial projections to the management board of MB2 Dental Solutions. Jackson Hildebrand is expected to portray useful leadership skills which will lead to the success and growth of the firm.

Jackson Hildebrand has numerous skills and experiences in the sector of finance and accounting. Before joining MN, he served as the financial manager at TPG capital where he managed all the financial and accounting procedures. In this case, Jackson Hildebrand was able to acquire the necessary skills in finance. Most importantly, he was able to exercise his leadership skills. Hildebrand graduated from Texas A&M University where he was awarded a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting. Additionally, he started early career at KPMG where he learned the basics in finance and accounting.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of MB, Dr. Chris Villanueva, Jackson Hildebrand is an experienced individual who has the necessary experience and leadership skills to propel MB2 in the next level financially. He added that Jackson is aware of the financial endeavors that medical practitioners go through. Since MB2 is an organization that focuses on the welfare of dentist practitioners and investment, the financial sector is critical. Jackson Hildebrand is expected to contribute to the growth and expansion of the firm.

Jackson stated that he was thrilled to be incorporated in such a big firm. He believes his financial expertise will be of great use at MB2.

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