A look at ways Fortress Investment Group is growing

As soon as SoftBank Corporation purchased Fortress Investment Group, it became a private sector. After they spent a lot of years in the public sector things were to change someday. For 3.3 billion that’s how much the US asset manager was bought. After the purchase, the people that ensured that Fortress stayed at the top are Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Bridger. For the operation that Fortress will carry out will be under SoftBank. At New York, it will offer their services as an independent company. The business that the SoftBank were used too was not the same as they were worked with Fortress. SoftBank that is based in Japan has an excellent reputation as a firm that will invest in the sector of telecommunications and the technology.

The founder of the firm is in a belief that it has the best opportunities for enlarging the scope they had in business.The competence that Fortress Investment Group has is that they are excellent when it comes to the acquisition and mergers. They are well versed when comes to the structuring of the investments and execution of the same. To get the best result then they work hand in hand with the stakeholders on the board of directors. In every industry that Fortress Investment Group will work with will ensure that at the end of the day they have the exceptional knowledge. In different sectors, they have nurtured the relationship that they get. In the capital, finances and real estate assets they will have the needed significant experience. When it comes to the assets they have determined the prices, financed and owned them over the years.

In the equity and debt capitals markets, they have made the inroads that have enabled them to offer the low cost for different investors to be able to invest. Through the social media, the customers will have the opportunity of monitoring how Fortress Investment Group is performing. The customer first policy that Fortress has is what stemmed the use of social media. The group has made possible that the clients will know of the growth the company is making when it comes to the real estate, energy, healthcare sector, transportation and many other sectors. The relationship that they have with clients is possible because through social media the clients can share the view that they have and the feedback. At the end, the service that they offer is delivered on time and results received are better.

The Medical Legacy of Sighsavers

The legacy of Sightsavers, formally known as the British Empire Society for the Blind, was founded by Sir John and Lady WIlson. Sir John Wilson felt a dire need to start this movement, as he too was affected by blindness during an explosion from a science experiment gone wrong during his High School years. Over the years, Sir John witnessed and was appalled by the scale of blindness that he saw, as well as the conditions that blind people were living in, so he wanted to do something about it.

Sightsavers has provided assistance to the blind, that can in no way be quantified. They have assisted some of the poorest countries in the world with fighting to eliminate blindness by assisting with early diagnosis, prevention of, and ultimately, the elimination of debilitating diseases affecting eye sight. Not only do they assist in just the blindness in itself, they also provide those affected a better way of life by offering access to clean water and an education.

In their latest project, Sightsavers, along with funding from USAID, is helping children in four regions of Mali that are suffering with visual impairments. The staff leading the project took the initiative to speak with local families and ran radio advertisements to assist in finding children who were not attending school because of visual impairments. With all of their combined efforts, Sightsavers was able to supply 122 children with glasses, there are a total of 202 children that are to be monitored by their teachers, and the children that are affected by a condition called Albinism were taught how to protect themselves and their eyes from the sun. They were even given protective clothing and sunscreen.

There have been many testimonials and success stories that have derived from the kind-heated gestures implemented by sightsavers. For instance, there is a testimonial from one young girl that was able to benefit from the program by the name of Ariane Marie. Ariane explains how she was failing in school and could not learn, nor write properly, due to her inability to see with clarity. Ariane is now able to keep up with her peers in the class room, as she is able to learn without difficulty with the help of her new glasses. This goes to show that not only is Sightsavers saving vision, they are saving lives all over the world and providing hope for those that never could see past there struggles.

Fortress Investment Group Crosses Borders With Its Innovative Products

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 as a private equity firm with a focus on alternative assets. The firm has grown fast to become one of America’s largest private equity firms. Indeed, due to the fast growth the company has experienced over the past few decades, it has attracted the attention of such giants as SoftBank. Fortress Investment Group is led by Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and Randal Nardone. The company runs assets on behalf of over 1750 private and public entities. It has over $43 billion worth of asset investments under its care. The company has even spread its wings to Canada and other parts of the world. It has continued to attract clients because of its successful portfolio in managing risks in business. It has also succeeded largely because of its diversification strategy.

Brief on Fortress Investment Group

Fortress has a successful portfolio that is a product of the daring moves that its principals and the CEO have made. As mentioned earlier the company is run by three principals at the helm. Randal Nardone and Wes Edens ply their trade from New York, while Peter Briger is based in San Francisco. The company has its headquarters in New York City. Fortress specializes in asset management but it has diversified its services to include financial advisory services including investment consultancy. The company was the first such large private equity firm to trade on the New York Stock Exchange; with its IPO that was trading in 2007. Fortress Investment was founded by Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. Peter Briger became a partner and principal a little later.

Fortress in Canada

It came as a shock to many Canadians that Fortress Investment Group had threatened that the Winter Olympics of 2010 would not be held unless t was paid its dues for the intended use of Whistler Blackcomb Resort and the British Columbia Ski Resort that was slated to be used for alpine events. The company had quietly bailed out Intrawest a couple of years before the games were to be held and agreed with Intrawest that it would take over the management and running of the outlets until the situation normalized. The agreement was to the effect that Fortress would be in charge of the two outlets until Intrawest settled the debt. Well, Fortress nearly had its day. It was headed to court to stop the games from being carried out. Fortress management did not relent until the games’ organizers paid up.

Fortress Has Been Purchased By Softbank

Owing to the increasingly attractive financial profile that Fortress has developed over the years, it recently attracted the attention and interest of SoftBank. Softbank is a giant software developer for the current and next generation. The Japanese firm recently concluded talks on the purchase of Fortress. According to the details that have been made available, Softbank purchased Fortress at $3.3 billion. The two companies confirmed the deal; with Fortress on its part clarifying that their shareholders had given them consent regarding the transaction. Fortress remains Independent in operational terms but its financial report will be incorporated with that of SoftBank at the end of each financial year. Fortress shares have been pulled out from the NYSE and the same transferred to Softbank ownership. SoftBank to Buy Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 Billion


Equities First Holdings-Australia

Equities First Holdings is an international loan company with a branch located in Australia. They are a private owned company with innovative thinking on making loans to the public. Due to this outlook and supreme customer service, the office in Melbourne A.U. has to expand its doors to accommodate a larger employee base due to its ever growing client base. The Melbourne office has relocated by taking over offices previously owned by Meridian Equity Partners LLC.

There are also two other locations open in this continent in Sydney and Perth. This growth is an overall positive sign that the company as a whole will continue to grow and mature in its dealings with public, private and company loans. All in all the new location will enable the company to continue to operate efficiently and give clients/customers exactly what they are looking for. So, what may come next for the Equities First Holdings family? Who knows, but I am thinking an even larger expansion next time.

Milan Kordestani making changes in farming through Milan Farm

Milan Kordestani lived at Stanford, California and that’s the same place that he grew at while attending the Phillips Brooks Elementary school. After the parents divorced that’s was the reason why they moved to London, England. At an early age of ten years, that’s when the interest of riding the horses began. In 2017, he decided that he wanted to move and he moved to Bay area where he graduated at the Sacred Heart Preparatory. Which later while on the runaway horse trail he was thrown off the horse. There are so many things that he has achieved, but one that has set his career on the right path is when he founded the Milan farms.

He offers his services at Milan farm as the CEO of the company, though he still provides his services to the San Francisco Area student and Huffington Post through his writing. When he founded Milan farm, he planned that he would use the farm so that to get the organic way and system of raising the poultry and for the 100% pure saffron they were to grow them through the natural method. Currently, the farm has worked hard to have the saffron eggs as the produce the eggs will be of mint, organic range, and free range.

The method that is used in the Milan farm to raise the poultry is the transparency, and the organic option is what is used in the growing of the plants. The thing that Milan Kordestani ensures that he practices together with his team is that if the client approached them knowing what they do, then what they should receive is the most honest opinion from the staff members. It means that the client should know of every detail that has been used to raise the plant and animals. That’s has been helpful in growing the business on daily bases, and they still try their level best to come up with means that they can use to better their product. The research that is being carried by Milan Kordestani for the hydroponic method and he is working so hard to get all the information needed about hydroponics.

Find out more about Milan Kordestani: https://www.instagram.com/milankordestani


Talk Fusion Helps Connect Businesses with Customers Effectively

The marketing need of companies today has changed drastically. The customers today are bombarded with so much information that companies today need to focus their advertising in a way that the customers are interested in looking at them. It is the reason why video marketing has become quite famous. It allows people to create amazing videos and send them to the customers through emails. But, there are only a few technologies that can be used to do it. Talk Fusion is one of the leading technology companies that allow its clients to share their marketing videos with their customers. Talk Fusion help its clients beat their competition and also to increase their sales by reaching out to more specific customers who would be interested in their services.


It is not just about video marketing; Talk Fusion also allows its clients to hold meetings comfortably using their app or their desktop program. Companies today have become global, and they have teams in different parts of the world. It allows these teams to interact with each other in real time using the best technology. Talk Fusion is helping these companies be more engaging and persuasive when it comes to holding these meetings not with other team members but also with their clients across borders. Many users are also using the Talk Fusion app to be in touch with their friend and families. Since the app is user-friendly and allows high-quality video streaming, it has become easier for people to use it whenever they want.


Talk Fusion was established in the year 2007 by Bob Reina who is also its current CEO. The company has set high standards for the industry and are quickly exceeding those expectations by offering new and improved products and services to its clients. The company has the best customer service support system that answers all queries by the customers within a few minutes. The company is continually looking to expand their services and reach out to more people. It is the reason why the company is setting local offices in many countries to be able to offer the best service possible.


The new video chat app by Talk Fusion seems to be getting very popular among the corporate circle as well as the people as it is suitable for personal and professional use. The company has promised to update the app further after reviewing the consumers’ feedback. It is one of the most advanced apps that the company has launched till date. Learn more: http://www.talkfusioninstantpay.com/