George Soros; Making a Difference through philanthropy

Born in 1930 in Hungary, George Soros escaped persecution from the Nazis and went on to get a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from the London School of Science and Economics. In 1956, George Soros emigrated to the United States of America and joined the financial sector. In 1970, Soros founded his hedge fund where he was an angel investor providing capital for business startups usually in exchange for equity or convertible debt. George Soros is now a prominent billionaire hedge fund manager, author, businessman and philanthropist. Businesswise, George Soros has made some high bets on stock markets that have seen him gain billions of dollars. In 1990, George Soros bet against the British pound. This saw George Soros earn a little over a billion dollars. George Soros also went on to bid during the Asian financial crisis.

George Soros began his philanthropy in 1979. His first initiative in the 1980s was providing scholarships to black South African kids whose education had been affected by apartheid. Soros then went on to create the Central European University after the fall of the Berlin wall. The primary aim of this university was to foster critical thinking. Soros is a great advocate for the rights of all humans and democracy. Many of his donations go towards ensuring a better life and equal rights for everyone. More than 30 years ago, George Soros founded Open Source Foundation; a collection of foundations that contributes to humanitarian projects in over 120 countries all over the world.

The Open Source Foundation, with George Soros as its chairperson, has seen too many humanitarian acts. Over the years, the Open Source Foundation has seen to the funding of charitable causes like the Ebola treatment centers and the setting up of art and culture centers. Over the recent years, George Soros, a major Democrat donor has focused most of his philanthropic efforts and those of Open Source Foundation towards the United States of America. Open Source Foundation has funded campaigns for the legalization of gay marriages and the rights of the LGBTQIA community. After the 2016 election, a wave of violent hate crimes hit the United States of America.

After the spike in hate crimes, George Soros pledged $10 million to the Open Source Foundation. The money was dedicated to the prevention of such hate crimes. Over the years, George Soros has donated more money to the Open Source Foundation. His contributions averaged $800 million to $900 million annually but have gradually grown up to roughly $18 billion over the past few years. According to the New York Times, the humanitarian footprint of the Open Source Foundation has been left in every part of the world. Every country has benefited directly or indirectly from the Open Source Foundations, and the ripples of the organization can be felt worldwide. Aside from the Open Source Foundation, George Soros also contributes to other organizations and movements that align with his principles. He has helped individuals and communities at large in realizing their goals in the various aspects of life.

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A Reassurring Treatment Process With Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a long and successful experience in the treatment of cancer because that is all that they do. They do not venture out into any other medical area but just concentrate on cancer treatment. They believe in treating the whole patient, meaning that there are are many other side-effects that this dread disease brings along with it.

For example most people are not aware that nearly 80 percent of the people who suffer from cancer are undernourished. One in three patients who are being treated for cancer still suffers pain after treatment begins. Seven out of ten patients with cancer undergo consistent fatigue. Less than one in five cancer patients receive any kind of spiritual support.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides care and treatment all under one roof at one of their hospitals, strategically located in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Tulsa, and Phoenix. The treatment received is called Integrative Care. This means that the traditional types of treatment are offered such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy, but additional supportive therapies are available too.

These supportive therapies include pain management, mind-body medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture. chiropractic care, spiritual support, nutrition therapy, and oncology rehabilitation.

Each person receives an individual treatment plan because cancer attacks person in different ways. A thorough evaluation is made of the patient and then a specific treatment plan is designed for that patient by the team of doctors assigned to that patient. The team, or collaborative approach has been found to be an excellent approach to defeating the cancer of CTCA patients.

All of the physicians and personnel at Cancer Treatment Centers of America specialize in their various fields and they are top of the line professionals. Using the latest in technology and treatment plans, and tools of precision medicine, the highly trained staff has been successful in the treatment and defeat of cancer in its entirety.

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Dave McDonald Pushes For Growth At OSI Industries

When it comes to putting the serve in the foodservice industry David McDonald knows a lot about keeping connection strong, running a business and most of all keeping the crowd happy. His experience and claim to fame is as the president of OSI Group, which is a short name for a company not at all short on clientele. For more than two decades, OSI is the leading provider for businesses such as the McDonald’s food chain franchise, among others just as big. Some of these names include Starbucks and Burger King.

But, his expertise and knowledge is not just about bringing a product to a distributor. It’s about pride and delivering a solution to a global market. Of course, no man is an island and David McDonald’s go to man is Sheldon Lavin who in his own right shows just as much maverick as the OSI president. There’s a lot to say about this business man, his team and the work they do throughout the year that puts them all at the top of the star list. David McDonald is quite well positioned in the fact that he knows and appreciates just how Global his company’s reach is. He can market to any territory reasonably possible through is company’s global network.

Right now he has his eye on China because of the ever-growing market that its economy is presenting his business. Although the relationship has been long-standing and mutually beneficial for some time now, it almost sounds like some tacky immature grade school joke to mention that David McDonald and the franchise McDonald’s is a winning combination. Without a doubt these two powerhouse companies are both forces to be reckoned with and have a lot to smile about themselves and more

And then, there is the professional admiration and respect that McDonald has for his fellow team member and OSI Group Chairman Sheldon Lavin who deserves thanks for the push and rise of locations within their organization. This company’s president uses early engagement and innovation in solution fulfillment when it comes to ensuring the future of his company’s success. This means sitting face to face with not just clients but with their customers and figuring out what is best to do when it comes to not just product capacity but design and function. Flawless execution of this successful business model is exactly how OSI recruits new customers and scores big wins at events such as the Olympics held in Beijing China.

Lifeline’s Bone Density Screening Prevents Breaks

As we grow older, we must be aware of common illnesses that can put our health in jeopardy. Being educated about health screenings that are available can provide a preventative measure to leading an ongoing healthy life. One of the most trusted screenings is the Lifeline Bone Density Test. This important tool screens for Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects the strength and density of the bones in your body. Many people suffer from this illness without realizing it because there may be no symptoms to warn them. It is often called the “silent disease” as a person doesn’t discover it until they suffer a fracture. Age and other factors affect the density and strength of major bones in your body. This weakness can cause bones to be prone to fractures or break, resulting in possible surgeries and extensive rehabilitation.

The Lifeline Screening Bone Density test is a simple and non-invasive procedure that provides important information to you and your physician. It is normally performed on the heel of the patient because this bone most closely resembles the larger bones in your body like the tibia and the femur. The heel is also a weight-bearing bone so it is a good indicator of bone density throughout the body.

The Lifeline Screening uses pulse-echo ultrasound to determine the cortical thickness of the tibia. This measurement tells your primary physician if you are at risk for osteoporosis. Having this important information can enable a patient to take preventive measures such as medicine, certain types of exercise and cutting down on weight and smoking. All of these things can minimize the probability of suffering a break or fracture.

The Bone Density Test is approximately 90% accurate and has been approved by The Center for Developmental and Radiological Health of the FDA to be safe. This test is provided at over 15,000 screening events and clinics across the United States. Lifeline also makes available other important tests such as Type 2 Diabetes, Carotid Artery Screens, and Prostrate Cancer tests, to name a few. Vice President for Lifeline Business Development promises that you won’t find a more accurate or safer test for osteoporosis anywhere.

Lifeline hopes to decrease the presence of osteoporosis and other health issues with their convenient and reliable screenings. Their goal is to make these life-saving tests available to everyone to defeat the health issues in the United States.

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Cameron Clokie. The Face Behind Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Clokie is a renowned surgeon specialized in oral and maxillofacial surgery, a man who loves science and an industrious entrepreneur. He heads musculoskeletal reconstruction regenerative medicine company; Induce Biologics Inc. He retired from academics in 2017 for private practice. This was after leading the University of Toronto Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department from 1998 and later named the professor of the department. His expertise has landed him various positions of science advisory in multiple companies.

He has invested heavily in bone reconstruction & regenerative medicine. He has researched far and wide on the subject and has, both locally and internationally, published and made presentations on the same.

He is a well sought medical professional for his ingenuity and vast knowledge which had earned him considerable business allies.

Cameron founded a bone research group that has widely researched, evaluated and developed bone regenerative technologies. He aims to substitute the autogenous bone graft with bioimplants. He also maintains a medical health center in Toronto, Ontario that offers Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Russel and seven other patients have successfully undergone through bone regeneration in the hands of Dr. Clokie. Bone regeneration treatment has come to revolutionalize reconstructive surgery.

He has engineered a way that an adult stem cell can transform into a bone tissue through protein stimulation. With this technique, bones can be made to glow as they do in a foetus. Through this, he can reshape the skeletal clock of a damaged jaw to a brand new one identical to the original jaw.

Mount Sinai and Toronto general hospital, where Dr. Cameron Clokie has successfully done the procedures have been very resourceful in helping through the research.

In a U and T conference, Dr.Clokie pointed out that one surgery took nineteen hours of operation, a week in Intensive Care Unit and another in a hospital bed. Another surgery merely took four hours which barely left a scar to the patient who only spent a couple of nights in the hospital.

Dr. Clokie has been applauded by and large for this passion for bone regeneration treatment. The chair for the Canada Research Tissue Engineering has commended him for this very crucial innovation.

New Oncology Online Platform Available Through Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America continually reorganizes how they define cancer care. As new treatments come forth, and as new technologies open up possibilities, this healthcare provider is not afraid of change. Finding the best cancer care information is often a predictor of how a patient responds to a particular course of therapy. It is critical for cancer care specialists to have the data necessary to make precise cancer care plans, drug therapies, medical treatments and other care steps. Now, CTCA has a way to speed the information process in their top notch oncology platform developed with Nanthealth and Allscripts.

Against all odds, some patients do beat this disease. This is thanks in part to new treatments that focus on a specific cancer cause. Genetics has been a target for finding precise treatment modalities suited just for a particular cancer type. This new data can be added to other patent cancer treatments. This program is a useful tool for cancer doctors, nursing teams, local doctors and even for patient education. Computer technicians have been able to reduce a doctor’s workload by computer assisted treatment decisions. This leaves more time open for direct patient care that is known to better survival rates.

When healthcare professionals embrace the faster options in technological programs, there is more time to focus on specific patient care and education. With this new system in place, patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America have the option of learning at their own pace through an easy computer platform. This tool gives patient education a boost. The patient can research at his/her own time and in the comfort of their familiar home environments. When patients are informed about their options, they can better follow any treatment regimen. The purpose is to highlight patient participation and increase patient knowledge conveniently.

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Susan Mcgalla Provides Good Information for Women in Business

Susan Mcgalla is known for many things. One of the many things that she is known for is her leadership role in helping many retail companies thrive. As a marketing consultant that wants work for herself it was obvious that Susan would be a person to help those that wanted to build better marketing campaigns.

Susan definitely can help with things like this because she majored in marketing, and her degree allowed her to move through different positions where she could put her advertising skills to work.

Susan Mcgalla graduated from the University of Mount Union, and she currently sits on the board of HFF. She has quite a bit of experience in the business world because she has work as a CEO for major companies like American Eagle Outfitters. This is a major accomplishment for women in business, and it shows that women are excited about taking on leadership roles in the business world. Susan Magalla is one of those people that has shown that the business world is filled with lots of great possibilities for women, but they have to work hard.

When Susan speaks to women this is going to be the first thing that she mentions. She wants women to really know that hard work is essential for building a successful career in the corporate world. It comes down to things like getting an education and getting the experience that is needed to handle certain position.

Susan has been able to gain a significant amount of success with big companies like American Eagle because she knew the value of hard work. Susan does not glance over this or take it lightly when she speaks to other women. When she speaks in conferences she is a voice that women really need to pay attention to. She knows so much about the business world, and she has her mind set on helping others that want to know about the business world. She is elated to be in a position where she can share this information with others. It makes it easier for other women to conquer corporate America.

The Brazilian Law, Lawyers, and the Exceptional Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

The Brazilian law revolves around the country’s written constitution that took effect almost three decades back. The constitution established an independent judiciary that operates independently from the other arms of government- the executive and the legislature. However, some laws are passed through legislative processes and may require assenting from the executive but must be by the constitution. The judiciary is the law-interpreting body and has the mandate to solve any legal disputes arising from politics, military operations, labor, and business transactions among other socio-political and economic issues. As a way of bringing organization and order within the arm and ensuring that Brazilians are served satisfactorily, the judiciary is divided into several components. The courts, for example, are categorized under Federal Supreme Courts, regional Federal Courts, and Appellate Courts among others. Judges in these courts are posted regarding seniority, with the most senior sitting at high courts and listening to serious disputes.


Talking about Brazil’s law could be incomplete without a mention of the country’s most prestigious professions– law. Lawyers in the South American nation play a key role in ensuring that justice is served without discrimination. Today, over 600000 Brazilians have graduated with law degrees and passed in the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil bar examinations. Such a huge number of lawyers is only second to USA’s.

Lawyers in Brazil trace their origin from Portugal, the country’s colonial masters because most of their professors are either Portuguese or studied in Portugal. The syllabus is also strikingly similar to Portugal’s, especially in the bar examinations and law school requirements. Also just like Portuguese lawyers, fresh law graduates have to pass through internship before the start rising the ranks.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a business lawyer who plies his trade in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a partner at Tosto and Barros Advocates where he is stationed at the firm’s Leite office. Ricardo is also a BA holder from Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation.

After acquiring his degree in law from Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho embarked on creating a name for himself in Brazil’s legal circles. To this end, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has won the trust of many high-profile government officers and non-governmental organizations who hire him to represent them in high-profile cases. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been in the legal field for 28 years now.

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Fairness and Equality Inspired by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Nothing is noble than fairness and equality in the society. There is no pride in judging others based on what they have or who they are. This is a constant reminder that people have been told in the community. As it is the nature of human beings, some of them chose to ignore and continue to oppress others. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

The other percent listen, but after a while, they forget and go back to their old ways. Habits are contagious; bad habits especially spread quickly. As a result, the society is divided into two. Those people who enjoy justice and the minority whose rights have been completely ignored.

Philanthropists are noble people who do not believe this is the course, in which the society should follow. They have taken it upon themselves to restore the sanity of the community. Many humanitarian groups have been formed to fight these injustices. One of this teams is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund helps the humanitarian groups in Arizona that share a common goal with them. This is ensuring that every individual can freely express them in the society and human, Immigrants, and civil rights are observed.

The Frontera Fund was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. This duo also founded the Phoenix New Times.

Lacey and Larkin are well known for their courage in fighting their legal battles, many of which they have won.

Their first win was in implementing the first amendments rights.

The money they used to begin the Frontera Fund, was acquired from the case of Sheriff Joe. This was following the publishing of his evil deeds in the New Times. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter andJim Larkin | LinkedIn

When Sheriff Joe heard what they had done, he was very angry. He arrested the two at midnight from their homes. Upon hearing this, the residents demonstrated demanding their release. The Sheriff was left with no choice. He, therefore, released the journalists.

Lacey and Larkin took him to court. Here, the judge declared the arrest unlawful. This was with allegations that the Sheriff never followed the right arrest procedure. Following this judgment, they received an apprehension compensation of $3.75 million.

The Frontera Fund is currently involved in a rescue mission. There are supposed to solve the DACA solution.

DACA Foundation is a group that fights to solve the immigrant’s problems. This is because some individuals who live in the USA, though undocumented, are technically members of the country. This is because they have lived here for the most part of their lives. Their talents have been part of the efforts that have led to the success of the USA.

The foundation ensures that these people are not deported. This is by giving them an extension of two years which is renewable.

Currently, the organization is unstable. This is after, the Texas Attorney General, accused the firm of lack of legal documents to exist. He has, therefore, ordered the close down of DACA. This has been supported by nine other officials.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has promised to see that everything falls back into place. The DACA members are confident that the Frontera fund is going to save their organization.

Early music career of Cassio Audi

Many people recently associate the life of Cassio Audi with business. Not many even know of him as a musician. He has been very conspicuous in the finance industry in recent times. Many people do not know that how was a founding member of Viper Rock Band. This is a group that engaged inactivates of composing and performing rock music in the 1980’s. This group was composed of Cassio Audio alongside other members of the group. Cassio Audi played the role of the drummer for the group. He worked very had to ensure that this group succeeded. He had joined the group as a teenager after completing his high school.

Cassio Audio was part of the group for about nine years. He would later leave the group so that he could concentrate on his studies at the university. This is how he got to be an important figure in corporate sector. Cassio Audio played his role diligently. He made sure that the instruments part of the music was well taken care of. He participated in numerous live performances that the group held to popularize their music all over the world. Although he was a drummer, he took some time to compose songs some of which formed part of the official album that they received.

Cassio Audi as a dedicated member of group made sure that the band performed to the best of its capabilities. For the time he was in the group he helped this band released two music albums. There was a do album and there was an official album. The official album featured some songs which were on the demo album although there was alteration that was made to make them better. Cassio Audi role in the music industry will always be remembered. He formed part of people who pioneered rock music and heavy metal genres in the region. In the whole of Latin America, this was the best group at the time. Viper Rock band continued with music after he was gone.

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