Cancer Treatment Centers of America living up to its name

Predictions state that one in seven men will at some point in their lives be diagnosed with the most common form of cancer among men – prostate cancer. As efforts are being made to gather awareness to the practicality of a screening test, now men age 40 and older who meet certain requirements can sign up to get a free screening by LabCorp at any location in the U.S. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is again doing what it can to try to beat cancer.

It is recommended that higher risk men get screened sooner, with general risk factors being based on race and family history. There is a campaign running to raise awareness, which is called the Prostate Pep Talk campaign, and it has former NFL head coaches Herm Edwards, Dick Vermeil, and Bill Cowher as representatives. The announcements will be run nationally in September – Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Herm Edwards has spoken of friends and colleagues who were diagnosed with prostate cancer, which included Lamar Hunt, the former owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, and Edwards’ own father-in-law. A couple more former NFL players, Mike Quick and Jon Runyan, will speak at the awareness event. The topic of this issue is close for both men as Quick’s father had prostate cancer for several years, and Runyan is a strong advocate for prostate cancer awareness.

There will be additional events held in four major cities, Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa, each corresponding with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals in the area and featuring former NFL players as spokesmen.

The hope is that these awareness events, hosted by the NFL Alumni Association, which is an organization focused on serving former players and their families, will help to improve health and lives for men all across the country.

The Commitment of Aloha Construction to offering Home Repair Services

Many homes across the world are damaged every day by harsh weather conditions such as storms and floods. The weather cannot be predicted, and therefore, it is important for people to know reliable professionals who can assist in repairing damaged siding and rooftops of buildings. Aloha Construction is one of the most reputable companies that have specialized in the provision of a broad range of repair solutions. It is a family business that was created by Dave Farbaky who is recognized as a top philanthropist in the region. He is also the founder of a charity organization that is known as Dave Farbaky Foundation (DFF) and has been using it in supporting communities. Most of the clients who seek the services of the company are located in the northwest part of the Chicago and Wisconsin.

Dave Farbaky is committed to using his company to improve the lives of other people more than enriching himself. He is a humble individual and has been advising the youth on the importance of community values. Aloha Construction ensures that it surpasses the expectations of its clients. Most persons who have used its services have offered it positive reviews. The firm has been hired to conduct over 18,000 installations and repairs from the time it was founded. The primary customers that it has served include both home owners and top construction companies. Its customer care services are outstanding, and this enabled BBB to offer it an A+ rating.

The company is currently served by a staff that is well trained and experienced. It gets the best professional by using remarkable hiring strategies. Aloha Development offers a fast response to the need of its clients, and this has made it be regarded as one of the region’s most dependable contractors. The proficiency of the firm is in sections such as fitting roof tops, repairing damaged sidings, replacement of worn part of a house, and gutter installation.

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Tracing Mathew Autterson’s Humble Journey to Success

Presently the CEO and president of CNS Bioscience, Mathew Autterson is an exciting business person. Having spent over 25 years as a leader in the financial community, there is a lot to learn from this established business figure. His good qualities stretch beyond the business heights. He is known to have philanthropic interest following the many years he spent serving people.




Mr. Matthew Autterson attended Michigan State University and graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance. Besides this, Mathew took a tax program at the University of Denver. His excellent academic background contributes towards his impressive business portfolio and years of business leadership. His educational credentials are said to be remarkable, no wonder his successive business career.


Professional Journey


Mr. Autterson began his professional journey early, immediately after school. He began his proficient career at First Trust Corporation. Here he was able to grow both as a person and as a leader. In 1982, he decided to seek further career test. He left First Trust and joined a chartered corporation in Colorado. The New York based Integrated Resources Inc. supplied Mathew with an opportunity to enhance his business leadership expertise. Due to hard work and determination, he was promoted to be the president in 1986.


In 1989, Integrated Resource Inc.’s assets were acquired by a company known as Broad Inc., which later changed to Sun America Inc. Mr. Autterson was also an active leader and board member of Denver Zoological Foundation and the Denver Hospice. Here he was able to fully engage with the zoo world and develop qualities different from the norm. His philanthropic nature is believed to have been engineered here. Currently, he is the president and CEO of Falci Adaptive Bio-systems (FAB). His major qualities include leadership, corporate mentorship, and philanthropy. He is also the CEO and president of CNS Bioscience.




Mathew is an active member of the board of directors of the Colorado based FAB. Here, he is able to express his philanthropic qualities. Besides FAB, he is also an active board member, CEO, and President of CNS Bioscience. The company is known to develop Neuropathy management drugs primarily at the clinical stage.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Participate in Campaign to Educate Men in the Importance of Screening for Prostate Cancer

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been doing a lot of work to detect cancer in the very early stages. There are types of cancers, such as prostate and ovarian cancer, that do not cause symptoms until it is in the more advanced stages. At that point, the cancer is much harder to treat and may be lethal.

They were founded in 1988, and since then, they have been committed to finding advances in science to help detect cancer. Their oncologists have thorough training and expertise in numerous types of cancers. They have provided hope to many patients and families, thanks to genetic testing. The results from genetic testing can determine which treatment the patient is most likely to respond to, as you can see in this story.

Recently, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have teamed up with The National Football League Alumni Association and Lab Corp, to educate men about the importance of screening for prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in men ages 40 and over. The campaign they formed to address this issue is called “Prostate Pep Talk”. As a part of this campaign, there will be public service announcements featuring the well-known former NFL head coaches: Herm Edwards, Dick Vermeil, and Bill Cowher. They will be raising awareness for this disease and encouraging eligible men to get screened. A national kick-off conference was held on August 30th in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Some of the speakers were former NFL players, who have personal stories and experiences with the disease. From September 1st to October 15th, Prostate Pep Talk will be giving eligible men free or discounted access to the PSA screening. Testing will be performed by LabCorp at any of their patient service center locations across the country.

How Celebrities Are Investing In Livio Bisterzo’s Healthy Snack Company

     Hippeas is a brand of healthy chickpea puff snacks which is now sold across the United States. The company is the brainchild of founder Livio Bisterzo who wanted to offer a brand of snacks that people could feel good about eating. It is also increasingly backed by celebrities who see the value of the brand such as Leonardo DiCaprio.

In July of 2015, DiCaprio and the private equity firm Strand Equity Partners teamed up to invest in Green Park Brands Inc., the company that Livio Bisterzo founded. As chief executive officer of the company, Bistrerzo said he couldn’t disclose how much was invested in his company but did say that to date he has raised $2.5 million in funding. Some of this money was also raised by angel investors as well as his friends who deeply believe in the product.

The Hippeas brand was launched in March 2016. For the year it generated $2.5 million in revenues. The brand is on pace to sell $11 million worth of product in 2017 according to Bisterzo. He has said that, even though he is just 36, he has developed a wealth of experience in launching new products. He has also built a network of connections which helps him promote the brand and get it into stores. So far his leadership has led to the brand being available at Albertsons, Starbucks, and Vons. Later in 2017 it will be available in Target and Kroger stores as well. He also sells Hippeas in grocery stores in the United Kingdom.

Hippeas are a premium brand which is sold in 1-ounce sized bags. The cost for each bag is $1.95 at Starbucks. Healthy snacks made from nutritionally rich ingredients such as chickpeas, kale, spinach, and sweet potatoes are a growing trend in the industry. One analyst, Norman Deschamps, says that he expects growth in this food segment to be 8% for the year.

Livio Bisterzo is originally from Italy. Before moving to the United States he lived in the UK and acquired his university education there. He has been the founder of a number of companies including Kyoku for Men and Little Miracles.

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Protecting Wealth with Agora Financial

Through the fun animated Youtube video, “Welcome to AGORA Financial”, the company easily states what they stand for and how they help their clients. Agora helps its clients protect and grow their wealth. There are over 20 subscriptions Agora Financial has to help people find companies poised for rapid growth, learn more about generating income, and how to use wealth protection strategies correctly. The unbiased and independent company helps people by finding new ideas and media instead of leading them to what is mainstream and expensive. They travel to do their own research in hopes of finding new profitable content. They find the most qualified people to join their team in order to help people with any and every problem that may arise. Agora has even thrived during major crisis because of their bold predictions about what future events could occur. The most attracting aspect of the whole short video is how every area ties back to “Bob” who is just an everyday guy ready for retirement.
Agora Financial is an independent publisher of investment research and has come out on top. They have subscribers all over the world that are attracted by the unique qualities this company holds compared to others. Agora strives to promptly resolve any issues for their subscribers and hold onto a closer relationship than their mainstream competitors. They have been a leading innovator in the financial publishing industry for over 25 years due to their research and predictions on the economical crisis. Their recognition from dozens of media sources is astronomical because of the hard work they put into everything they do.
Bill Bonner founded Agora’s parent company, Agora Inc., in 1979 and has watched it grow into the hard working industry that it is today. They have even received multiple preservation awards because of their determination in holding onto their architectural and cultural heritage and original views through all these years. Agora Financial keeps finding more ways to improve without joining in with the mainstream crowd. This team wants their subscribers to be able to have more control over their money and where it goes and it seems they have succeeded with flying colors.

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End Citizens United Sets Sights On Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is currently being run by President Tiffany Muller. Muller has the unenviable task of charging the behemoth that is dark money in Washington D.C. Muller can see as clear as day the way that dark money has been perverting the American government and she can also see that it dates back to a specific moment in time, the 2010 Supreme Court case regarding a lawyer named James Bopp and his conservative group named Citizens United.

While nobody ever cheers to hear about regulations and rules we have to come to the understanding that they are there for a reason — especially at the highest levels of our American government. Campaign finance regulations have always been important because they separate the billionaires from the political machine, keeping politicians separate and allowing them to work for the people rather than the next paycheck. Under the auspices of ‘freedom’ James Bopp and Citizens United attacked these regulations with alacrity, thus opening the doors for more millionaires and billionaires to come flooding into United States politics. The results were predictably awful: Washington D.C. is completely beholden to dark money.

Since the 2010 Supreme Court decision we have seen a decline in political discourse at the highest levels of our government. We’ve seen Washington become more partisan than ever and now people aren’t even remotely interested in working across the aisle. The reason is pretty simple: dark money has corrupted the very work going on in our nation’s capital and it is an important problem to notice and rectify. This is where End Citizens United is coming to make a big difference.

End Citizens United was established with the firm and justified goal of repealing the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. The team at End Citizens United knows that this is a longshot battle and that they have to move financial mountains in order to make it happen. For this reason primarily we have seen Muller and her team go to the American people in order to raise funds to attack the goal.

The election of Donald Trump served as a waking up moment for many Americans who had previously been apathetic. His rise to the top office in the entire world was enough to rattle people into justified anger and this turned eventually into action. End Citizens United is aiming to earn $35 million in order to support politicians who are in favor of campaign finance reform. The 2018 congressional races are rapidly coming and with them the time for change. End Citizens United has already raised $4 million of their goal and with continued enthusiasm and support from the American people they should make their goal.

Excellent Service To Customers

Are you planning to open a new bank account for personal or business need? Looking for a reliable financial institution in the Dallas area? Perhaps you are wondering why many people are raving about Nexbank.

Whether looking at financial institutions for a checking account or for a loan, it is important that the institution you choose is right for your need.

If you are serious about getting outstanding services to meet your banking or money management needs, it’s imperative that you check out Nexbank right away.

Nexbank is a highly reputable and reliable bank with a team of highly knowledgeable professionals. The bank is located in Dallas, Texas, and serves customers from all walks of life.

Choosing a bank for your savings, checking or other financial need, is not something to be taken lightly. It is advisable to do your research before deciding which one to select.

When it comes to handling your finances or banking transactions, it’s crucial to rely on a team of professionals that is passionate about seeing you succeed in your endeavors.

Nexbank is a clear choice for any person, business or organization that wants to receive top notch banking services. Nexbank has been providing excellent banking solutions for many years and is regarded as one of the most reliable banks in the country. Experienced staff at Nexbank is committed to providing customers with the highest quality financial products and services possible.

Designed to address the specific needs of businesses and individual clients and customers, Nexbank their lines of credit and business financing provide the flexibility that customers need to access funding or cash for any personal or business purpose.

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Advocacy for Human Rights, Creating Effective Awareness among Migrants

Defense of human rights has come a long way with organizations such as Amnesty International, International World Organization against Torture, Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian law, Avocets San Frontiers and in recent times, the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund among many more championing for the observation of human rights.

These organizations are visibly promoting awareness of human rights issues by addressing them with governments across the globe.

Human rights initiatives across the world are meant to preserve the dignity and fight for the freedoms of migrants. Amnesty International draws attention to human rights abuse and specializes in the field of Legal advocacy, direct-appeal campaigns, research and lobbying as well as media awareness. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

With its campaigns for compliance with international laws and standards. These movement groups marshal up the necessary support to mobilize public opinion. In so doing, human rights groups like. The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Group and Amnesty end up putting pressure on governments where abuses run rampant.

Having been awarded a Nobel peace prize for its campaign against torture in 1977, Amnesty has set standards for movements to follow. World Organisation against Torture fights against detention, forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings fostering respect of human rights.

The Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian law has demonstrated that film can be used as an effective tool in human rights promotion. It also co-hosts the Human Rights Film Series with various American university centers every year.

It also encourages students to have piqued interest in human rights through panel discussions, lectures, and seminars from human rights practitioners.

Individual liberties are well protected under various constitutions and non-profit groups work round the clock to educate people about these rights and fight for justice.

Aside from the big organizations, little organizations have also come up in defense of human rights and observance of civil liberties. One such organization purely driven by passion, is the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, which came up to fight for the restoration of human rights freedoms.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund based in Arizona is co-founded by two journalists Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin, who have been funding migrant organizations throughout the Arizona region. They exist to promote causes that support the First Amendment in America.

They have been advocating for civil, human and migrant rights as well as freedom of speech. Civic participation is important to the organization and is widespread, including on the “la línea fronteriza” – the Mexican border. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Recently, they spearheaded a campaign to protest the termination of the DACA program that allows immigrant youth to seek legal work within American States and access higher levels of education.

With their unceasing dedication to their cause, Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has proven to be a beacon of hope for immigrants living in the state of Arizona. Michael and Jim took up a police office which had a notoriety of subjugating various sections of the population.

With the successful prosecution of the lead cop in the unlawful arrest and detained of Jim and his partner, cops in Phoenix, Arizona will be less inclined to repeat the costly mistake by Officer Joe Arpaio or ‘The toughest cop in America”.

In parting shot, justice doesn’t consist of the neutrality between right and wrong, but in seeking the right and upholding it against the wrong

Gregory Aziz Maintains Tradition of Excellence and Giving with National Steel Car

For over 100 years, National Steel Car has been earning its reputation as a sterling provider of freight rail cars across North America. Under its current chairman and CEO, Gregory James Aziz, the company has remained committed to its core values: to honor the past, move forward, focus on quality, and always be leading the pack.

During the last decade, Greg Aziz and his company are the only freight rail provider in North America to have won the annual TTX SECO award consistently, and that has led their customers to know and trust that the company will provide the best quality rail cars on the market.

Greg James Aziz has not always been in the railroad business. He was born in London, Ontario and studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. Then he joined the family business, Affiliated Foods, and for the next sixteen years he and his family became a worldwide food importer, with partnerships in the wholesale food business across Europe, Central, and South America.

Gregory J Aziz then focused on several investment banking opportunities in New York during the late 1980s and eventually organized the purchase of National Steel Car from its previous parent company, Dofasco, in the early 1990s. He has been the president and CEO of the company ever since, and through his leadership, it has proven itself to be both a historical and modern contender of rail freight car distribution across North America.

Within the first five years of ownership at National Steel Car, Greg Aziz ramped up both the employment measures and the production of steel car manufacture at his company. When he bought it in 1994, it employed 600 people and turned out an average of 3,500 steel rail cars per year. By 1999, production had risen nearly four-fold to 12,000 cars and the company employed over 3,000 workers.

Gregory J Aziz and his wife, Irene, are also known for their philanthropic work in Canada. They are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is Canada’s most well-known agricultural fair. In addition, National Steel Car is also deeply committed to its community in Hamilton. They are sponsors of a diverse group of non-profits such as the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, the Salvation Army and Theatre Aquarius. Plus, in an annual tradition at National Steel Car’s Christmas Party, the employees participate in a food drive for local food banks.