Greg Secker’s Capital Index Firm; A First In Online Brokerage

Greg Secker is a multifaceted individual. He doubles up his excellent business skills with philanthropy and public speaking. Greg has been an inspiration to many future entrepreneurs given that his business ventures have always been viable. Greg Secker owns a distinguished firm in the money markets; Learn to Trade. Learn to Trade is firm that focuses on guiding people in making the right decision when they want to trade in the stock markets.


Learn to Trade is not the only successful venture that Greg Secker boasts of in the equity markets, the entrepreneur is the brain behind SmartCharts Software, a software that leverages cutting edge technology to provide real-time data on stocks and prediction. Capital Index is another venture that is under Greg Secker’s name. The Capital Index firm is a brokerage company that helps customers buy shares.


Greg Secker’s career in the financial services market began when he used to work for Thomas Cook Financial Services. After a short stint at Thomas Cook, Greg Secker moved into the Forex market to steer a brand new firm called Virtual Trading Desk. VTD was a premiere Forex trading enterprise that was built on-line, providing clients with real-time stocks and Forex data. His career advanced, and he moved on to become the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. MFC was listed as one of the Fortune 500 investment banks in the US. Greg’s experience in the financial services sector coupled with his rich portfolio in trading stocks gave him the edge he required to start his venture. Greg Secker decided to leave Mellon Financial Corporation and began his financial services company. That is how his firm, Learn to Trade came to be.


For over a decade, more than 200,000 people have benefited from Greg’s experience and expertise in the financial markets. Through Greg Secker’s seminars, individuals get to learn how they can create a secondary income stream by trading in the currency and stock markets.


In the philanthropy world, Greg Secker knows the importance of giving back to the society. He has donated to various charities including the Royal Princes chosen causes, Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust. In the year 2011, Greg Secker took his generosity to a higher level by creating the Greg Secker Foundation. The charity is devoted to improving the living conditions of people across the globe.

How Tim Armour Differs from Warren Buffett on Investing Advice

For years it has been Warren Buffett’s contention that most people are best served by putting their money in index funds that passively follow the S&P 500. This is a low-cost way to have a diverse portfolio. While Tim Armour, the Chairman and CEO of Capital Group, agrees with Buffett that keeping fees low and a portfolio diversified are important, he contends that people shouldn’t invest in passive funds but rather actively managed funds.

Contrary to popular wisdom, Tim Armour says that there are active funds that have low fees and outperform the market. The trick, he has said, is to find one where the manager has parked their own money in it. This gives the manager the incentive to really do their homework and “earn their keep”. He also warns that the main, overlooked problem with investing in passive funds is that they are 100% exposed to bear markets with no manager there to mitigate the loss and what Tim knows.

Tim Armour, a resident of Los Angeles, has spent his professional career at Capital Group. He started out as a participant in the company’s The Associates Program and then became an equity portfolio manager. His skill at investing eventually led to his being the top executive at Capital Group.

With 35 years of investing experience under his belt, Tim Armour has actively managed funds through both good and bad times in the stock market. He is a graduate of Middlebury College, having earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from this institution.

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Paul Mampilly – Expert Financial Advisor Writers Popular Newsletter

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund who has taken financial research services to a new level. He started Profits Unlimited, which was signed by Banyan Hill Publishing, to construct his fast growing financial newsletter. He has reached a milestone of 60,000 subscribers which has lead to the fastest growing newsletter in the investment industry. He has dedicated many hours and years of expertise to financial research and investment strategies. His passion is to help those invest their money and assist in financial advice.

Mampilly is originally from India where he was born and raised. He ventured to the United States as a young man to fulfill his career passion. He has over 25 years of experience in the investment industry. He started his career in 1991 and has been going strong ever since. He has worked on Wall Street and has held many other prominent positions in relation to Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears and a Swiss bank. He was also responsible for managing accounts for millionaires.

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Paul Mampilly essentially retired at the age of 42, but is taking great pride in writing for Banyan Hill. They are an independent publishing house that specialize in elected research options and financial newsletters. They have been growing their subscribers for many years, and are very pleased to have Mampilly on board. He has increased the amount of subscribers substantially, and have yet to come across someone that knows the stock market like Mampilly. His expertise and advice comes with many years of experience which has helped generate products to an all new level. The content and advice that Mampilly is advising in his newsletter is off the charts, and many people are catching on to the new fad. As the business and the newsletter continue to grow, Mampilly will continue to provide excellent advice and research in regards to the financial industry.

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OSI Group Again Wins Prestigious Globe of Honour Award

Every year the British Safety Council gives its Globe of Honour awards to businesses that demonsrate outstanding committment to environmental safety. At the same time, they give their Sword of Honour to businesses that demonstrate their committment to worker health and safety.

In November 2016, they again awarded the Globe of Honour to OSI Food Solutions U.K., part of the American company OSI Group. And OSI Group also received the Sword of Honour. Only 8 businesses received both the coveted honors. To qualify, businesses first had to receive 5 stars during the British Safety Council environmental awareness audits. After that, they had to demonstrate to an independent panel of experts that their excellent management of environmental issues and worker health and safety extended throughout the business, from the offices to the shop floor where the actual work is carried out.

OSI Group has been operating in the United Kingdom in Scunthorpe since 1989. They produce beef and pork for restaurants. They have won the Globe of Honor twice before, in 2013 and 2015. This indicates their dedication and consistency in managing environment safety.

At the ceremony, Mike Robinson presented the award to OSI Group Kelly Gramwood. Robinson is the Chief Executive of the British Safety Council. Gramwood is OSI Group’s Environmental Manage Europe.

Based in Aurora Illinois, OSI Group started out in 1909 as Otto Kolschowsky Meat Market. 19 years later the company became Otto and Sons. In 1975 they became OSI Industries. They are now the 39th largest food producing company in the United States, and operate in Germany and China besides the U.S. and the U.K.

OSI Industries produces sausage, bacon, poultry, beef, vegetables, fruit, seafood dough and cheese products to restaurants.

Recently OSI Industries took over Baho Food, and Dutch food company that makes deli meats and snacks. David G. McDonald is the current Chief Operating Officer. He said they wanted to broaden their business in Europe.


What does Beneful Mean?

What does Beneful mean?. Beneful in other words means full of goodness. It Is a brand of food products for pets mostly dog from the Nestle Purina Petcare. It includes dog treat and dry and wet dog foods. According to SWOT analysis, Beneful is one of the most popular brands of dog food that generates over $1.5 billion revenues annually. Beneful was introduced to the market back in 2001. The food is more like the human stew with beef pieces and is believed to be nutritious in appearance.

The brand, however, has been evolving over the years to ensure that the dog or your pet never gets enough of the bites. Rewarding your dog or pet with rounds of Beneful has therefore been more healthy benefits than you would imagine. Through Beneful, measuring some calories your dog consume in a day is also easy and efficient. Some of the benefits of alternating your dog food A and treat with Beneful are”:

Different Tastes

You just do not feed your dog with the same taste over and over. Benefully comes in various flavors. Every package contains a unique ingredient that brings a new flavor for your dog every time. There are beef flavors and chicken flavors too. Therefore your dog will always enjoy its meals in style. This way, although it is impossible for a dog to have enough of Beneful, you are sure it will not mind eating the same food throughout the year.

It’s Nutritious

Beneful is measured and certified. Giving your dog or pet treats of Beneful, you are sure it will grow to its standards without risking the pet’s health. It has balance amount of calories and other nutritional advantages that every dog owner would want their dog to gain. Just as the name full of goodness, Beneful is all time meal for every dog.

Developing Solutions for Technological Challenges

According to The Real Deal, there is an opportunity for solving challenges posed by the innovation every time there is one. The market of such products is dependent on the issues experienced by innovation. It takes a wealth of experience to create a solution that suits an innovation. Arthur Becker manages technological applications. He also hosts data centers. He has diverse skills that make him competent in the profession. Becker has an interest in arts. This makes his work easy while working with technological advances. He has invested in building and construction as a business owner. It has given him exposure from many aspects. Arthur Becker has managed to command respect in all the industries that he has invested. He is a role model to some of the young entrepreneurs who are looking out for opportunities to improve themselves.

Arthur Becker has worked with different people at various levels. He has earned some of the fundamental skills when it comes to leading people. Becker can notice the strengths of different individuals. This enables him to develop his company by making use of everyone’s talent. This has made the company to grow holistically in tandem with the growth of the individuals who work there. Arthur has developed his career skills through exposure. This attitude challenges young people to become aggressive in life and take all opportunities as a platform for growth. This is not the case for most people because young people believe that they need to be in a place of authority to make a change in the society. It is important to note that every step of the way has a lesson of its own. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

Young people should learn how to embrace their opportunities and develop them into a stepping stone for better opportunities. This will push them ahead in their career and their financial lives. Young people should also be keen with innovations in their industries. They should develop solutions towards these changes. This will be another channel of career advancement.

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Belief is Good with Knowledge

When people have beliefs, they could become dangerous. This is especially true of people that do not want to study what they believe in. There have been a lot of acts of insanity committed by people in the name of belief. This more often than not comes from a lack of research and studying. When people actually take the time to study their faith, they will then come to a better understanding of what they believe in. As a result, they will come to live more peacefully and productively. However, the best way to come to an understanding lies in the source and more information click here.

The Kabbalah Centre seeks to provide the source that brings forth a greater understanding about life. For one thing, it looks at all of the different religions as bits and pieces of a whole. There are a lot of lessons and concepts that are revealed in the teachings of the Kabbalah. These teachings have been deemed to be so complex that it was traditionally withheld from anyone that was not a devout student and over 40 years old. Otherwise, a lot of these lessons were likely to send one on a dangerous path. However, The Kabbalah Centre allows others to get a glimpse of the teachings and what Kabbalah knows.

Among the teachings that are offered to people from The Kabbalah Centre is that the majority of reality is what can’t be seen or picked up by the five senses. As a matter of fact, 99% of reality is undetectable. However, it is that 99% reality that can’t be detected which is causing the 1% of reality that can be detected. This shows that there is a vast world out there that goes beyond the world that is commonly experienced by people. The Kabbalah Centre offers people a glimpse into that world and resume its.

Fabletics Shining in a Competitive Fashion World

Kate Hudson has managed to do what most people have been unable to do in the fashion industry. The fact that she has been able to grow her Company to a tune of 250 million dollars in just three years when amazon controls 20% of the entire online fashion market is amazing and in fact very commendable. She has been able to reach this far because of the mechanism of subscribing her customers and pushing her brand through the activewear movement that has been ongoing. She has also been able to keep customers engaged and happy because of offering convenient services and the membership deal that is impossible to pass.


For the longest time high quality the costly prizes they come with identified brands. However, a shift in the economy has led to a change in this aspect and the competition is going beyond the quality of the product as customers are looking into other important factors such as customer service and experience, brand recognition as well as exclusivity in designs as high-end customers want to stand out.


Fabletics strategy has been working seeing from how much growth they have experienced and the fact that they are going to add onto their 16 already existing physical stores. They are likening themselves to Apple with their fashion online membership growing with each passing day. One may wonder what the secret is. According to the general manager Gregg, the secret is sticking on manufacturing high value quality products from the start. The membership model in Fabletics makes it possible for the company to customize products and still afford to provide it at a competitive rate. The company works on the truth that it becomes easy to make people happy when you understand what they want and what they are looking for.


The different ways Fabletics handles their stores


Reverse showroom is working for Fabletics. Unlike competitors who tell customers about products ad guide them to buy in other cheaper places Fabletics has encouraged membership. This means that most people, almost half of the clients that walk into their physical stores are already members. Having people who are already members walk into a store is one of the surest way to ensure continued sales and improved profitability.


Fabletics has all the attires that a person would ever need for their workout purposes. It is important to subscribe to their services to get deals that are not only affordable but one that gives you the best value for your money.

Discover the company with a passion for education sector

In the year 2001, Lian Don and Chaudhry united to form ClassDojo. They decided to put the company’s head office in San Francisco, CA. The aim of the organization was to enhance the lives of the student’s teachers and the parents. It intended to make the education sector more enjoyable.


They developed a mobile App that they hoped to be of great value to all the persons in the industry. It would increase the awareness of the parents about the day to day school activities. The App would also make the parents have a chance to monitor the progress of his students activates. He also would enjoy the benefits of contacting the teachers regularly. It is important as he could get information about any meeting and events in the school. To the students, the app would provide them with the required attention from both the parents and the teachers. They would be able to post the highs and downs in each day. It would make the teachers as well as parents understand them and thus offer help when needed. To the teachers, it made it easier to have regular communication with the parents and thus shift from the old model where there was maybe a single meeting in the school.


In making the ClassDojo app even better, the founders have embarked on the exercise of adding other features that could enable the parents to make such activities as shopping and many other requirements that are meant to enhance their lives. The App is also to be branded with the features that will allow fees payment. At the same time, they hope to maintain the high level of privacy to the users.

Class Dojo: Creating school communities that work

It can be said that in the “days of old,” teachers would communicate with the parents of their students in one of two methods; a letter home, or a phone call. It is sad to say, that despite the advances in technology and resources available to the educational community, many teachers still resort to such outdated methods of communication. Enter Class Dojo. This educational platform is a simple and free resource available to both the teacher and parent. ClassDojo helps create community not only in the classroom, but at home as well. So how does ClasDojo work? In its most basic form, ClassDojo is a tool that helps teachers encourage their students behavior with praise, but as well, helps redirect students whom are off task. The ClassDojo platform allows students to create their own individual avatar that the teacher then utilizes to help encourage classroom culture. This ClassDojo feature really help the student “own their own growth.” The teacher then displays a variety of praises or comments that the student receives based on what they are doing for that particular day. These tasks are then tallied up into points which the student can then see and quantify as a simple numerical growth. In this basic usage of ClassDojo the teacher can accomplish amazing growth they never before saw. The more advance features of ClassDojo however, help share the success of the students with their home life. The possibilities for successful communication are truly endless with ClassDojo.